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About The North Lawrence Fire Department

The North Lawrence Fire Department was formed and incorporated in 1956 by a group of community members. 


After a house burned to its foundation in 1955 community members and business leaders put together plans to create a fire department. The department officially incorporated on April 19th 1956 and was funded by fundraisers, collecting Ohio Tax and Green stamps, once enough money was raised the department purchased it's first fire engine: a 1937 Ford pumper which is still owned and maintained by the department to this day. 


The fire department received a donation of property at 4052 Alabama Ave NW in 1958. This station had 2 bays for the apparatus and in 1960 an ambulance was added to the apparatus fleet, it being the first in the area.  

In the early 1960's an addition was built onto the station that would hold the departments bingo hall which was and continues to be one of the major financial incomes for the department.


Finally in 1996 three additional bays were added to the station for more fire apparatus.  

Our History
You will find the word "Bowdil"  on all of the departments apparatus, many ask why?
This comes from The Bowdil Co. which began its mining business in North Lawrence and at one point the town took on the name of Bowdil, Ohio. When a fire destroyed the companies facility the company moved to Canton, Ohio. Once the company had left the name of the town reverted back to North Lawrence but the Bowdil name lives on through the fire department. 


Our Staff


The North Lawrence Fire Department is staffed 24/7/365 with a Paramedic and a EMT-B. All personnel are qualified at a minimal firefighter 1 or higher State of Ohio Fire Card. 

Our Apparatus


The North Lawrence Fire Department currently runs the following apparatus.

3- ALS Ambulances (Medic 1/Medic 2/Medic 8)

2- Engines (Engine 2 and Engine 7)

1- Tanker/Pumper (Tanker 3)

3- Utilities (Utility 1, Utility 2 and Utility 3)

1- Chase Vehicle (Truck 6)

1- Brush Truck (Truck 15)

Our Community


We are blessed with a great community that has always and continues to support us! Our community has been more than giving towards us and we can never be thankful enough!

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