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Halligan Fire Dog

On December 11th 2017 a Stark County plow driver found in a ditch a stray dog in the bitter-cold left for dead.


The plow driver made a quick decision to bring him to the fire station for medical treatment. When he arrived at the station he was covered in mud, malnourished and had severe frost bite. He was quickly warmed up and given a bath followed by food and water. After numerous attempts to locate the owner it was decided by the members to adopt him and name him Halligan! Halligan was well behaved and already knew many tricks! He was sent to our local vet clinic where he was treated for his wounds, the local vet donated so much towards his recovery along with members chipping in money. Halligan found his forever home at the fire station but his story doesn't end there! He completed numerous classes to become a registered therapy dog! Becoming one of the first live in therapy dogs in Northeast Ohio. Halligan was featured on Fox 8 news, News 5 and countless news papers and magazines. He continues to live at the station and is well cared for by his handlers Heidi Knight and Elliot Lee along with all the other members. He enjoys laying out in the sun and meeting new people at parades and other public relations events! 

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